The ankle joint is formed by the connection of three bones. The ankle bone is called the talus. The top of the talus fits inside a socket that is formed by the lower end of the tibia shinbone and the fibula the small bone of the lower leg. The bottom of the talus sits on the heelbone, called the calcaneus. Ankle anatomy. The ankle joint, also known as the talocrural joint, allows dorsiflexion and plantar flexion of the foot. It is made up of three joints: upper ankle joint tibiotarsal, talocalcaneonavicular, and subtalar joints. The last two together are called the lower ankle joint. The parts of the bone that move against each other have articular surfaces which form the ankle joint. Each is covered in a smooth hyaline cartilage and held together by strong ligaments: the lateral side is held together by the anterior talofibular ligament, the calcaneofibular ligament, and the posterior talofibular ligament. There are several bones that make up the ankle: the tibia, the fibula, the talus and the calcaneus. When viewed anteriorly, the tibia makes up the medial part of the ankle while the fibula forms the medial portion of the ankle. The talus bone and the calcaneus comprise the bottom part of the joint. The bones are connected by the following ligaments:Medial ligament; Deltoid ligament Tibionavicular part, Tibiocalcaneal part, Anterior tibiotalar part, Posterior tibiotalar part.Lateral ligament Anterior talofibular ligament, Posterior talofibular ligament, Calcaneofibular ligament.

The ankle joint – consisting of the tibial plafond, the medial malleolus, and the lateral malleolus – is a highly congruent joint with three articulations:Tibiotalar joint.Talofibular joint.Tibiofibular joint. Flexure Joints 17 Dorsiflexion Assist 14 Ankle Joint Parts - Bushings & Screws 10 Motion Control Limiters & Assists 9 Thermoplastic Applications 9 Thermoplastic Componentry 7 Limited / Free Motion 6 Standard Action 4 Triple Action 1. The Agility Ankle.There is a tibial component and a talar component in the Agility Ankle. The tibial component consists of a metal piece and a plastic piece that support both the tibia and fibula by bridging the space between the two bones. The talar component of the implant sits in the talus bone in the foot and allows the foot to flex up and down.

Parts of the Foot.The hindfoot is composed of three joints and links the midfoot to the ankle talus. The top of the talus is connected to the two long bones of the lower leg tibia and fibula, forming a hinge that allows the foot to move up and down. The heel bone calcaneus is the largest bone in the foot. Ankle AP mortise mortice is equally correct view is part of a three view seriesof the distal tibia, distal fibula, talusand proximal metatarsals. It is the most pertinent projection for assessing the articulation of the tibial plafond and two malleoli with the talar dome, otherwise known as. Description.The Ankle Joint, also known as the Talocrural Articulation, is a synovial hinge joint connecting the distal ends of the tibia and fibula in the lower limb with the proximal end of the talus. The ankle joint is maintained by the shape of the talus and its tight fit between the tibia and fibula.

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